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At Road Hammer Truck & Trailer Repair, LLC., we offer our top diesel mechanic services to Metro-Detroit and are experts in the fields of yard driver / switching services. We provide support for trailer movements at the distribution centers and leasing companies throughout the state of Michigan and Ohio. Our professional truck drivers are committed to safety and our outstanding CSA score proves that we are safety oriented. All of our drivers are dependable, flexible, and personable making communication for service requests stress-free so we can get the job completed swiftly and efficiently.

We safely relocate trailers as required by each building. We will also move trailers as needed for the purpose of backing them in and out of docks.

We will transport Dry Van Freight through the state of Michigan/Ohio.

We effectively communicate with building managers to ensure the freight and trailers are moving fluently to keep production on schedule.

Upon request, we can perform pre & post trip inspections on your company trailers.

The main goal is to work safely and efficiently when overseeing all Yard Driver service requests.

Driving Services
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