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24Hr Semi Truck & Trailer Mobile Repair

Trucks breaking down in the middle of the road or while delivering goods to your client can be a fatal blow to your sales for the day. Breakdown of one truck can lead to a host of problems from, reorganizing all the routes and trucks, to assigning different zones to different drivers. To prevent such loss from occurring, call semi-truck repair services offered by Road Hammer Repair 24 hours a day.

Tips for Selecting A High Quality Truck Repair Shop:

When it comes to mobile repair or taking your vehicle to a repair shop, the type of truck repair shop you are choosing matters a lot. Here are a few tips while selecting a truck repair shop for your vehicle:

Expertise and experience: Mobile repair requires years of experience and knowledge dealing with dangerous road traffic, weather, or other unforeseen issues. With a little bit of information about your truck issue, the company should be able to send over a serviceman with the correct parts to service and fix your truck.

Since there are a variety of models and types of semi-truck available, the serviceman should be able to repair all types of trucks. When choosing a repair company, check online reviews, how long they’ve been in business, and ask your friends for recommendations.

Service stops or bays: It’s very important for a repair company to have multiple service bays as it helps the customers reach out to the company in case of emergencies.

Having multiple service bays means that the company is well-known within the industry and has customers from across the state and the country, and has built bays to provide the customers with the service they require.

Parts available: A premium company should have a large inventory of parts to take care of all your service and repair needs.

Types of services:

The more places a client can receive service the better. Road Hammer has many options to help service your truck, from full-service stationary repair shops to our mobile staff, we will make sure you get back up and running as soon as possible.

Towing services: Make sure you have towing included in your insurance because it’s very possible that when your truck breaks down, you will need more work than a mobile unit can perform, for this you will need to have your truck towed to a nearby Road Hammer repair shop.

Connects immediately: Checking to see how the company is responding to your questions or concerns is a big indication of the quality of service they offer. If you ask for a quote or opt for a mobile repair and there is no response within 5 minutes then you might want to find another repair company. The longer your truck is broken down on the road, the higher the chance becomes of it getting damaged or hit by other vehicles.

Customer reviews: Welcome to the days of the internet where you can check reviews instantly online. You can check all the reviews before choosing the repair company that is right for you. If you are in the corporate sector, you can check the reviews and testimonials posted by the companies before hiring the service company to make sure they offer high quality and service.

When choosing a reliable trucking repair company in MI, Road Hammer is the easy choice for quality service and repairs.

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