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Five Common Semi-Truck Problems

Trucks are always breaking down. It’s just the fact of the matter. Trucks deal with a lot of stress and can break down often. Truck problems are one of the most common issues in the world of transportation. With regular maintenance and annual checkups, your truck can run smoothly for years. Road hammer repair is a must-have for any truck driver.


If you are a fleet operator, be aware that everyone must have an appropriate picture of the trucks involved in their service in order to ensure industry-standard compliance. Here is a shortlist you can study to learn how to deal with some of the most common issues.

The Engine Overheats

Overheating is one of the main reasons for a breakdown or interruption of service. This can be related to the fuel take and lead to engine failure. Make sure you get your truck serviced and repaired annually to keep your vehicles in optimal condition. Get the best services from mobile semi-truck repair Michigan.

Starter failure

In colder temperatures, starter failures seem to become a problem. It’s important to get the starter function reviewed at the beginning of the winter season to avoid future problems. Starter failure is easy to fix when spotted early.

Failure of a U-Joint:

U-joints are a mandate. They help in transferring the power from the differentiator to the transmission. In order to keep your U-Joints working well, you must get them lubricated. This can be easily spotted and serviced by the driver.


At least five trucks every day face the serious problem of brake fluid leaks and brake failures. When you are about to plan a journey, make sure that you have checked the brakes of the truck properly and they are working perfectly. Getting brakes checked properly will save you much time and worry and keep your trucks running safely and efficiently.

Issues with wheel bearings:

Wheel bearings help your wheels move along the road with as little friction as possible. If, while driving, the driver notices an unnecessary noise or jerking motion from the wheel area, the bearings could be damaged. Make sure you take your truck to a trusted repair shop like Road Hammer repair and they will fix your bearings in no time.

Quality service and repair shops are hard to find. Road Hammer Repair shops have over ten years of quality service to ensure you get the best results. Semi-Trailer Truck Service is very important to the safety of our roads and must be taken care of by diligent truck drivers so they can help each other avoid tough and unforeseen circumstances. Mobile semi-truck repair Michigan is the premium standard when it comes to quality truck repair and service.

Study our list of the five common semi-truck breakdowns, research reviews to find the best quality service and repair shop around, and always support and shop locally.

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