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Road Hammer Is The Number One Semi-Truck Repair Shop Near You

Truck repairs can cost a ton if you don't know where to go. You could end up spending thousands of dollars on services that could require future assistance due to poor installation or sub-par parts. Road Hammer Repair is the number one trusted truck repair specialist in the state of Michigan.

With trusted branches throughout the country, Road Hammer Repair is the easy go-to for all your semi-truck repair and maintenance needs.

How does a semi-truck repair service work?

Semi-trucks are tractors or trailers built to carry freight from one location to another. Damaged or malfunction parts can lead to serious accidents. To avoid these dangerous situations, Road Hammer Repair will make sure all of your vehicles are in great working condition and up to all safety codes.

Road Hammer Repair offers 24-hour assistance. After receiving your call, we send a mobile van to the location where your truck or trailer has broken down. We have the most pit stops and trained staff available in the state of Michigan to reach you as quickly as humanly possible.

Road Hammer also offers mobile repair to assist you with breakdowns on the road. Our certified mechanics are trained to fix your trailers and trucks as quickly as possible to get you back out on the road.

Regular maintenance and annual check-ups are a great way to ensure your machine will continue to operate smoothly for years.

A Few Tips On Semi Repair to Keep Your Trucks Running Smoothly

Temporary repairs: This means that you are repairing your truck for a temporary period until you can complete your task and deliver your product. This temporary repair helps you fulfill your task for the day and focus on your work. You can then get your truck permanently fixed at a later time when you are not in the middle of an important delivery.

Small repairs: We offer a variety of small repair packages to help repair small body dents, scratches and other cosmetic damage to your vehicle.

Truck parts: Getting you the proper part, at a good price, promptly is very important to us at Road Hammer. We offer express packages to expedite your delivery time.


Keeping your trucks on the road is our number one priority. With annual checkups and maintenance, your vehicles will keep running strong for years. The less you have to pay for repairs the more money you can save and put back into your business.

When you talk about 24 Hour Semi Truck Repair Southgate MI, Road Hammer Repair is the right option for you. With mobile repairs, affordable rates, and direct access to thousands of trusted names in the trucking and service industry, let Road Hammer keep your vehicles looking and running great. From tires to exhaust manifolds, axle replacements, to complete engine rebuilds, Road Hammer is the number one trusted and affordable semi truck repair company near you.

Road Hammer has the largest inventory of parts, and services, at the most affordable rates.

We repair and maintain single trucks and trailers as well as fleets of vehicles.

Call Road Hammer repair today to get a quote.

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